Founded in Cairo, Egypt in 1999, Point of View is a full-service integrated marketing communications agency. Our marketing sense, innovative minds, dedicated talents and international experience are the powerful mixture that brings life to a perfect synergy – it helps us deliver maximum value to our clients through cutting edge insight and unmatched solutions.

We established our U.A.E. branch in Dubai back in 2012 that serves our clientele in the GCC offering them a wider range of services that meets their expectations and giving us a global exposure that increase our talents and resources base.

What drives us

Point of View has your brand needs covered from the start to the finish line. We are driven by three key elements; brains, passion and our relationship with our clients.


At Point of View, we create brand experiences by telling informative, exciting and powerful stories that instantly connect to your target audience; the true meaning behind your brand is allowed to emerge with a fresh, polished perspective.

From branding to creative strategies, from the idea to the execution of full-fledged communication campaigns; We are a full-service entity aiming to boost brand ideas among the target audience at large and positively impact your bottom line.


Our goal is to create brands and messages with efficient placements among channels of communications to reach their targeted audience in their most receptive state of mind. Our stakeholders are offered respectful and honorable conduct, thereby maintaining their indispensable and valuable loyalty.

We aim to expand our services in the region, that is the plan which satisfies our pleasure of doing what we passion the most, enhancing brand recognitions and equities in different markets.


We offer dedicated and focused understanding of needs by working step-by-step with our accounts/brands to reach the desired results. We offer innovation with a world-class quality that gives professional results across multiple disciplines – whether it is adhering to the strictest of guidelines or pushing the boundaries of trends.

Finally giving value, our clients are our partners, the consultations we offer them are the recommendations we would follow if we ran their brands.

We welcome diversity and challenges, that is why to date, Point of View has proudly served a broad and colorful spectrum of industries, clients and brands from multi-national, leading regional and local firms – compiling an exciting collection of branding and communication projects into our portfolio.


Thanks to our business partners who gave us the opportunity to improve their brands, communications and media management, we will always look forward to offer our best expertise and consultation to increase brands’ marketing communications ROI.

  • “I have been dealing with Point of View for the last 20 years and throughout this period, they have consistently demonstrated a wonderful partnership spirit in attending to the varying requests and changing demands we had with the projects assigned to them, actually, they have always accepted all changes with clear patience and high consideration. Their salient approach in probing and analyzing to understand our exact requirements enabled them to submit innovative and creative ideas resulting in deliverables exceeding our expectations, simply put, they just do not give up.”
    Medhat Al Madany
    Founder & Guardian - ProMark, Egypt
  • Your achievements speak itself and reflects your capabilities. We are so fortunate to have an innovator like Point of View on our latest clothes Ad that was really incredible. The level of quality work remains unprecedented in our organization; we consider it a beginning for many better things to come.
    Reham Meheisen
    Communication Manager & Official Speaker - Resala NGO, Egypt
  • Point of View was a very decent and professional agency to deal with in terms of quality of work, team dedication and usual support, in addition they were our partner in success in one of our milestones, The Axis project brand creation and launching campaign.
    Lina Eltazy
    Corporate Brand Manager - IWAN Developments, Egypt
  • Point of View is one of the most professional, reliable agencies that you can ever deal with, they always show devotion, dedication and passion to any work they develop. Their team spirit and their responsive attitude make them really unique.  For me, they have been always acting as a partner rather than a service provider.
    Rana Helal
    Marketing Consultant - TAMEER Developments, Egypt
  • Point of View is one of the leading advertising agencies that strongly and carefully uses language to influence people’s behavior and conveys an honest message helping its customers to select the proper product. By using the most innovative techniques in their advertisements, they can successfully address the customer’s needs and get their ultimate satisfaction.
    Mohamed Atef
    C.E.O. - Tamkeen Real Estate Investment, Egypt
  • It have been more than 15 years since I have started the first cooperation with Point of View. They have transformed to be a very professional company with a unique innovative ideas.
    Abdulla Saeed
    Director - Midstar Community Management, U.A.E.