Resala NGO Campaign

Point of view took a different approach to deliver the message of donating during Resala’s ad campaign to grasp the targeted audience’s perception and call to action. Humor was incorporated in a catchy jingle infused with insights regarding clothes that are never use. By creating a world where all the clothes in a room come to life and singing their back stories in a humorous way, it reached more people and made a real impact.

The shooting took one day as our team was basically shooting empty rooms. The real work was conducted in implementing the graphics into the ad as it took two weeks. Also, the beautiful Ragaa El Gedawy took a part, she narrated the VO and sang a segment in the jingle along with various famous celebrity voices.

Listen to the initial demo by the musician and composer: Ihab Abdel Wahed

The audience strongly engaged with the ad through social media and they created funny memes, many celebrities spoke about the ad and how fresh it was in comparison to the stereotype charity ads.