SsangYong features mega star Samir Ghanem

SsangYong introduced the new phase of communication for SsangYong Tivoli 2020 model, we decided that it needs to be more informative and tactical for the audience while maintaining the same tone and sense of humor.  The campaign’s main objective was focusing on three main elements, reinforcing the consumer’s perception, strengthening the brand positioning and drive sales. We took the chance to strengthen the brand positioning by utilizing the new and upgraded Tivoli and focusing more on its features, we wanted to communicate that it has everything you’re looking for in a car.

To craft the job perfectly, we went to the one only Samir Ghanem to make sure to deliver our creative team’s idea in a sense of humor in away the audience won’t forget.The job took one day shoot with director Omar Hilal and DOP Victor Cridi along with Ahmed Othman as still DOP for the campaign master visuals.

The come back of Samir Ghanem on screen with his unique delivery of narration created a hype among the young generation, as they created TikTok videos imitating him with their own generated video content.