SsangYong Korean Pride Campaign

Point of view wanted to change the perception of the audience about SsangYong. Through extensive research and surveys with our target audience from new families to young people, we were able to pin point our main challenges to establish clear objectives, which is repositioning the car in the market as Korean car not a Chinese car. We took the initiative in this ad to put an end to the Egyptian rumors and word of mouth that spread like a blast in no time and do not really relate to the truth or the core of the story by any means. Stressing on the Korean nationality throughout the whole ad by the usage of humor that delivered the message loud and clear.

This catchy ad was written in house by our own creative team. The shooting took one day, one Egyptian and one Korean cast. It was directed by Hussein Shaaban.

SsangYong 2018 ad became a trend over several social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok. Hundreds of memes went viral on Facebook and a whole thread of TikTok videos were created and posted imitating the ad.